Niedax India Cable Management Systems Pvt. Ltd

Niedax India Cable Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. supplies complete system solutions for a wide range of ceiling, wall and floor installation requirements. Individual, customised designs in the extensive support and fastenings segment guarantee maximum flexibility.

The largest product line is cable support systems. All products such as cable trays and ladders, long-span trays and ladders, vertical trays, mesh trays and support brackets are designed with the right material and surface properties and quality for use in combination.

Products from the early years include the clamps and yoke clamps which are still in high demand today. Together with the support and C-rails, they complete our electrical installation product line.


  • Cable Trays
  • Cable Ladders
  • Accessories
  • German Mesh Tray MTC
  • Indian Walkable Cable Tray System

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