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At Niedax India, we are constantly evolving. Market research, customer feedback and new technology are being incorporated into our products every day to offer maximum added value and immediate benefit to the Indian range of cable management systems.

What’s new at Niedax India

XS Cable Management System

The latest addition to our range of cable management systems promises durability, flexibility and quick delivery. Here’s why you should invest in our new XS Cable Management System

  • Extra strength: Niedax India has used a patented design for better load bearing capacity
  • Extra stability: Rolled flanges have been incorporated to increase its sturdiness
  • Flexibility: Clients can customize cable management systems according to their requirements
  • Quick turnaround: The availability of comprehensive stock shortens the time to delivery

In addition to the cable trays, ladders we also have race ways, wire- mesh trays and the respective accessories.

Our product list also includes raceways, wire mesh trays and compatible accessories.

NEW: The MTC NXCITO Wire Mesh Tray

Easy Handling 
NXCITO mesh tray can be installed smoothly and quickly even in confined spaces.

No need for bolts and splices
NXCITO wire mesh trays are connected with a patented snap lock mechanism that ensures the same load rating as bolted splices.

NXCITO Wire Mesh Tray is fully compatible with all existing accessories.
Grounding lugs, junction box mounting plates, … 


An overview about all new product developments can be found here: New Products by the NIEDAX GROUP


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